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It's just a scratch.....

It's just a scratch.... This fact has made the last three months very frustrating! It turns out your eyes are very sensitive things, so when my 1 year old decided to shove her thumb into my eye in a moment of excitement 3 months ago, she set me up for a difficult few months! 

Long story short, she scratched my cornea. The issue this has caused is that your eyes get dry overnight, so every so often when I open my eyes in the morning the eyelid basically reopens the scratch, and it hurts. A lot. More frustratingly for me big splashes of water to the face have also set it off which has sucked for work and play when kayaking! 

Danger where you least expect it. 

So onto the point of this blog (I promise I'm not just crying about my eye, although I literally am...) one of the key factors of my recovery has been wearing my Dewerstone polarized sunglasses as much as possible.

We've been having an unusually nice Summer here in the UK, and bright light drys out and strains eyes which hasn't been good for my injury. So wearing my sunnies has been really important. I think I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the flare ups are less painful and calm down quicker which is good because in two months time I'm heading to British Columbia for some sweet kayaking! 

So lets talk about the benefits of polarized lenses altogether as they aren't just good for when you've had a finger jabbed in your eye. 

Reduced Glare

This is huge for anyone who works on or around water, because as you'll know you get so much glare off the surface of the water. Polarised lenses reduces this glare, helping you see clearer and stopping you making a squinty face which is a winner because know one wants crows feet! They do this by blocking light reflections which of cause includes the light reflecting off the water.

Block that UVA

UVA and UBA rays can harm your eyes, in the same way they harm your skin. We put sunscreen on so why wouldn't you protect your eyes as well? Some Polarized lenses can filter out those rays and keep your eyes healthy! 

 See clearly! 

Polarized lenses improve clarity, so they show true colours and with the reduced glare they help you to see things as they truly are. A lot of other lenses will darken everything, reducing the bright colours. 

Having this minor, but very frustrating injury has reminded me how important my eyes are, so we should treat them well! If buying a set of polarised sunglasses helps, then that's the least we can do! 

Luckily Dewerstone stock a variety of awesome wooden and plastic framed polarized sunglasses that won't break the bank and most importantly will keep you looking fly this summer! 


Get better soon Eddy - dewer HQ

Premium Polarized Sunglasses.

Protect your peepers 

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