Gorgeous Northumberland - a solo bouldering session - dewerstone

Gorgeous Northumberland - a solo bouldering session

Sometimes you forget how nice what you have on your doorstep is. 20 miles from my house is Shaftoe crags In Northumberland. I have a Thursday off work and I want to be outside so I head out in the hope of dry rocks. The rocks were dry for sure and a lovely blue skied (a bit windy) peaceful crag too. Perfect.

Solo Boulder free climbing in Northumberland
I love climbing with friends but sometimes a totally quiet solo bouldering session is just lovely. Between climbs resting sat on my mat staring out over Northumberland towards Cheviot taking in the beautiful scenery. So peaceful, even the wind whistling though didn’t seem to bother me. It was a good reminder of why I love the outdoors and how easy it is to forget to just use your eyes and take in what you have on your doorstep.

Sunny Northumberland landscape

The climbing is good too, mainly spent the day repeating classics as the downside of solo climbing was one pad and no spotters. But friction was good and so the climbing was awesome. The rock felt super sticky and confidence inspiring.

I took loads of pictures and thought sharing this spur of the moment gorgeous day may inspire people to visit Northumberland.Northumberland ravine

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