October 30, 2017

7 days on the road starting in Cardiff, then on to Nottingham, then to Lee Valley, then to Pinkston and then to Teeside, with a stop at Falls of Falloch somewhere in there too.

It was epic, so much fun, so tiring, but every stop was awesome in it's own way. Seeing so many kids giving it 100% and watching Bren spend time with them all was super inspiring and humbling to see.

A huge thanks goes out to all those who made it happen, everyone at the courses, all those that attended, Palm, Pyranha and of course Bren himself.

Enjoy the recap and hopefully we'll see you on the water for Brens Park Jam 2018!

If you missed our live stream, you can check out the Falls of Falloch video on the dewerstone Instagram.



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