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Back to the primitive: trials in Cornwall...

It's always a challenge creating new videos when over the years you've made so many (I think I must have put together at least a hundred at the time of writing) but sometimes it's best to go back to your roots.

Joe (Maher – pro trials rider and photographer) and I have been friends for a few years and our riding styles are pretty distinct yet we've always been at just about the same level. We recently had a really fun day whilst Joe was down visiting family in Cornwall, hooning about on Carn Brea just trying to push each other and for me – having ridden the Brea several dozen times – even finding some new lines I hadn't done before.

We used to make videos like this all the time. If you go back to 2004 it was all fisheye lenses, thrash metal, rolling around on rocks and generally having a laugh. The sport has become very serious these last few years and it was really nice to make this video and it not just be about “look at how amazing we are,” when really it was just one of the most fun days I've had on a bike.

I've bulked it out with a few clips of me the next day at Pentewen, but big thanks to Joe for getting me out on the bike after a bit of time off, until next time buddy!

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