Authentic Adventure has no size limits - dewerstone

Authentic Adventure has no size limits

Micro Adventures to global expeditions and all things in between. Fun and excitement in the outdoors should have no size limits. A sandwich and flask of coffee sat at the top of your favourite hill still counts as far as we are concerned. 

This winter we shut the door on Black Friday and set out from HQ for a treasure hunt. Not a massive 5 day trek in the Himalaya, but probably as much fun! 

Grab your crew, a coffee pot and some snacks. Map, compass and dog optional but recommended!

Seek your own authentic adventure close to home. 


dewerstone HQ and Flagship store in Princetown is the start and finish point for so many adventures of all shapes and sizes. 

Fearlessly across the raging torrent.


Black gold! Just coffee, mugs and water to find!


Through the twisted roots and paths of the ancient forest.


Treasure hunt complete. Time for coffee! 


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