Dewerstone, climbing our way to the top.

One of the things we set out to do from the start was to always ensure we listened to those around us, those involved with the brand and most importantly, those spending their hard earned cash on our product. We like to experiment when printing, from mixing different inks together to blending bits of grain in with the ink to try and alter the feel of the finish.

When we first printed the Burrator Blue 'World of Dartmoor' Sweatshirt we used the same silver ink that we use on the Ron Burgundy colour way. It was subtle and personally I like subtle, but after showing it to a few of our friends at Bens homecoming the consensus was that it was too subtle.

Now for a lot of clothing companies this would be a problem, the products been ordered, there's 500 of them sitting in boxes waiting to be sold. We're fortunate that we do not have this issue, we print every garment ourselves right here on Dartmoor National Park - the next day we found an ink that does work, one that stands out but isn't in your face. We have it up and for sale in our online shop already.

We love to be flexible, we feel that it is something that over the next few years will help define us as company, help us progress and help us climb our way to where we want to be and help us accomplish the things we want to achieve.

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