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5 things I eat to give me more energy

Life is too short to spend it being tired. I am super lucky that I get to lead a busy, active life and travel lots but for all the long days out on the water kayaking and long nights in the bar there is price to pay in the form of tiredness, fatigue and muscle soreness. About three years ago, I started paying way more attention to what I eat, during this time I have found a couple of foods and supplements that have given me more energy in my everyday life and help me to keep the fun train rolling!

1. Coffee (Duh)

Asides from the kick and energy coffee gives me, I also love the morning ritual of sipping a coffee and planning out what I am going to do that day with my best friends. There are many, many types of coffee in the world and I love that Dawn Roasters allows me to continually try different types of coffee from around the world. One day I hope to stay in one place long enough to be able to take advantage of their dewerstone blend on a subscription service.

2. Ashwagandha
An ancient Eastern herbal remedy for many an ailment. I personally find that it gives me a great, sustained energy throughout the day and I can feel the difference when I don’t take it in the morning. 


3. Turmeric
This colourful root is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and I firmly believe anyone leading an active lifestyle can benefit from adding it into their diet. I am noticeably less sore after training or kayaking when I eat Tumeric on the regular.


 4. Chickpeas
My main diet is made up primarily from vegetables, rice and beans. Chickpeas are a staple in most of my meals because of the amount of slow carbs and protein they provide and because of how versatile they are, I make hummus out of them, put them in salads and throw them in curries.

5. ZMA
A staple for athletes around the world. ZMA is a mixture of Zinc and Magnesium and has been proven to aid recovery, muscle growth and help you to get a better nights sleep. I eat this 30 minutes before I go to sleep and I find that I wake up feeling more energetic and better rested when I take this supplement.

These are foods and supplements I eat and are by no means a full dietary guide. Check out each food and see what it could offer you. Not sure? Ask a doctor first!

I should also add here that drinking plenty of water and having a balanced diet are huge factors in maintaining energy throughout the day. 

See you on the water,

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