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5 things I can’t live without on the road.

I spend a lot of my time on the road traveling and on trips to find the biggest and most awesome water on the planet, and whilst my life is not exactly filled with luxury there are some items that I just can’t live without.

1. dewerstone sunglasses (Orton signature model)

My favourite thing to wear everyday, useful for keeping the dust out of my eyes on cross country travels in questionable vehicles, for keeping the glare from the water out of my eyes when I am scouting waterfalls or surfing waves and for when I am trying to make myself look prettier.

2. Sun Cream

Photo by Seth Ashworth

As a travelling ginger man I am all too acquainted with just how mean that mid day sun can be to fair skin. I like to use zinc based sun cream and preferably in stick form so I can keep it off my palms and not lose grip on my paddle.

3. Headphones

Essential for long travels. I rock headphones pretty much anytime I am awake. My playlists are a mix of almost everything but Justin Beiber and death metal, along with some audio books and ted talks. I also have a few songs that I like to listen too before running big waterfalls, such as Bob Marley - “Three Little birds” (“Don’t worry about a thing, cus every little thing gonna be alright”).

4. Kindle

I am secret book worm, I like to read at least for an hour a day and I find it a useful way to avoid boredom, learn some things and occasionally escape from all of the “gnarly” talk. I prefer actual books but the kindle is a great way to travel light with lots of books and instantly be able to purchase and read new ones.

5. dewerstone Jeans

I travel as light as I can and if there is a choice between a piece of clothing that is comfortable to wear versus stylish. I will definitely choice the former. Thankfully the new dewerstone jeans are a good mix of both, comfy enough to wear on long plane rides, stylish enough to help me blag my way through check in and stretchy enough for everyday activities such as hiking to scout waterfalls, working out and yoga.

So I've done mine, what are your 5 must have items when travelling?

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