Smart Technical Eyewear

June 16, 2014

This Summer sees the introduction of our Polarized Eyewear range. We kick things off with two models, the Cirros and the Stratos, there's no hiding that there is a theme here, which means there's more to come later in the year.

We wanted to do something different with our eyewear whilst keeping things true to our dewerstone ethos of 'Smart Technical'. Our eyewear is just that, it's stylish, it's fashionable and it's fully functional.

We've combined handmade wooden frames with state of the art polarized lenses, keeping you looking good whether you're at the beach or in the mountains, and most importantly giving you clarity when you need it most.

The Stratos is made up from layers of Maple wood, when each frame is sanded down by hand the various colours are allowed to come through, making every Stratos totally unique.

The Cirros is made from Bamboo and each pair is expertly sanded down by hand highlighting it's striking natural grain.

All our eyewear is 100% UV protective, all of our lenses are polarized and all of our eyewear floats. That's right, wood floats even when it's sunglasses shaped.

You can browse our eyewear range here:


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