Smart Technical - a new direction for outdoor clothing.

Here at dewerstone, we may be a new company, but our love of the outdoors is as old as the hills.  Every single person who works here has lived a life dominated by the wild places this planet has to offer, and our collective memories span everything from heading off-piste in Argentina and dodging rockfall in the Alps, to travelling across Nepal and surfing secret Cornish breaks.

It is this wealth of outdoor experiences which inspired us to start dewerstone, and it has been incredible to watch it grow and see how the brand's unique back story sets it apart from the mainstream. Even more incredible has been seeing how our launch expedition and subsequent start-up has genuinely inspired people to get out there and live their own lives more fully.  The reception and support we've received in the past 5 months has exceeded our greatest expectations and we're truly grateful for it.  But what does the future hold?

On launching dewerstone, our goal was to make the outdoor clothing we've been looking for all our lives, but never quite found.  And that remains our goal, as while there are some truly amazing brands out there already, making some great products, nobody has yet produced the technical products we've spent the last decade searching for.  Products which combine unquestionable quality and fit-for-purpose functionality with a sprinkling of genuine high-street style.  Technical garments which fulfil their reisen d'etre in the outdoors, but are subtly stylish enough to elicit compliments from non-outdoorsy people when worn to the bar apres-activity.

This is the direction we're taking the company at the moment, and our first batch of technical products is in development right now.  We're positioning dewerstone to invent a whole new niche in the out door clothing world - 'smart technical'.  Functional in the Chamonix Aguilles yet fashionable in the Bar Nationale.  We aim to produce technical garments which bridge the gap between the hill and the high street, and in doing so, we feel the most exciting part of the dewerstone story is just beginning.


Ben & Rory.
Directors, dewerstone Limited.


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