Quad Tech

SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT FABRIC: Designed to be effortless against your skin, to feel unobtrusive regardless of whether you are gliding through the water, hanging off a crag, or cooking up a BBQ. Light and durable, the life shorts have been designed for active people, that are always on the go.

FOUR WAY STRETCH: Our ambassadors test our products in a variety of environments, from paddling out in the surf, to climbing rock faces and dropping in to the ocean. Our life shorts are designed to stretch and move with your body as you need them to, no matter what the activity.

QUICK DRYING: The life shorts are as at home in the water as they are out of the water. Getting changed to go and do something is a pain, whether it's road tripping to Vietnam or just to the beach. We know our ambassadors hop out of the car, get in the water and then back in the car to the next spot. The life shorts are quick drying, so that you don't have to wait around.

SMART TECHNICAL STYLE: We've styled our life shorts to work wherever you want to wear them, with fashionable colorways emulating walk shorts and patterns for those looking to draw attention, our life shorts are just as at home after a day in the water, as they are all day in the water.