Dewerstone's inspiration.  


Our Dartmoor Lives, in a snapshot.  Morning coffee.  Blue skies.  Heading to the tors to climb.  Hiking to Princetown for a pint.  Barbecues.  Friends.  Laughter.  Biking through the forest.  Trad at the Dewerstone.  Central Groove, Leviathan and Needle Arete.  Sea kayaks.  The song of the paddle.  Bare feet on sand.  Driving into the sunset.  Whisky by the campfire.  Further afield.  Making plans.  Skiing, surfing, travel.  Scottish winter.  Bouldering in Fontainebleau.  Verbier, Rocklands, Railway.  Dreaming.  Achieving.  Living the Dewerstone life.



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