July 03, 2017

Since Pyranha and ourselves launched the collaboration t shirt, I've been asked time and time again how the project came about and figured that whilst it's a pretty straightforward story, there's a nice message behind it and that it would be good to share it.

For a while now we've had a few Pyranha sponsored paddlers connected to dewerstone, notably Doug, Liam and Bren, plus Stu and myself in the office have both paddled Pyranha boats the last couple of winters. Through those guys we met Mat, marketing manager at Pyranha.

At many events we find ourselves teaming up with Pyranha in one way or another, from helping an event like Teifi Tour to exist, to splitting the bill on a tour bus for the Hurley Classic so that we don't have to camp on a freezing island.

The short story: We are all friends. We eat together, drink beers together, paddle together and as a side project to that friendship, we occasionally get the chance to work together.

We all then worked and hung out at enough events to finally decide that we should do some kind of brand collaboration, and the first thing off the press, is the GeoFISH t shirt.