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Stage 1 UNLEASHED x Uganda: Cuban Wave Big Trick

What a way to kick off UNLEASHED x Uganda!

The first stage of the event took place at the infamous Itanda Falls on the legendary Cuban wave, the wave is one of the biggest, baddest and gnarliest waves in the world. It is located half way down the rapid, meaning that after finishing their ride the athletes would have to then turn and work hard make a tight line through the bottom portion of the rapid.

The lower part of the rapid is guarded by monstrous holes and spectators hearts were in their mouths as competitors came dangerously close to taking a beating in one of these monstrous hydraulics after flushing off the wave.

Despite the distinct possibility and fear of taking a wipe out on this wave the competitors rose to the occasion and threw down some of the most epic tricks ever thrown on this wave.

Mens Results:

1/ Dane Jackson

2/ Bren Orton

3/ Kalob Grady

Womens Results:

1/ Darby McAdams

2/ Amina Nakirya

3/ Aoife Hanrahan

Watch the full Cuban wave edit here:

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