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Rich Pearson Trials Edit - Minesweepers

Rich's new edit 'Minesweepers' has been well received in the last 24 hours, not least of all because it was made entirely with a phone...

"It's amazing to think that seven years ago when I was doing my degree, we would've needed thousands of pounds of high-end equipment and editing software to produce a film like this. That said I'm pretty impressed with the result of this from two days of filming and editing using nothing but an iPhone and a tripod to both film and edit with."

Taking shameless amounts of inspiration from the Australian trials scene as a whole and also taking advantage of a break in the frankly terrible weather in Cornwall, Rich spent two days rolling around an abandoned mining complex and the industrial shipyards of Falmouth on his trials bike.

In the video you can see Rich wearing our stretchy Chino shorts and Alpine Hoody.


Minesweepers from Rich Pearson on Vimeo.


This film was shot using an iPhone SE and edited using the Adobe Clip app  for the iPhone.

Facebook: @richpearsonathlete
Instagram: @richpearson87

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