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More than just a boardshort!

Putting on a set of board shorts is not like putting on any other piece of clothing. The board short is so much more than merely a well assembled piece of fabric, the board short is a symbol.

A symbol of warm weather, long days out on the water, BBQ’s, beach parties, friends, care free living and so much more. It is for all of these reasons that I eagerly anticipate putting my boardies on every year, why I start wearing them early in the season and why I hold onto them long into the winter depths of October.

However it is important to remember that not all boardshorts are created equal and there is a lot of thought and design that goes into creating a set that will enable you to live the Summer lifestyle that you want. It is for this reason that myself and the dewerstone team are so excited to reveal the Life shorts 2.0.

We have been working on these for well over a year now and are truly stoked to finally have a set of boardies that lives up to all of our expectations and even more stoked to be able to share them with you. Below are some of the key design features that set these shorts apart from the rest.

The fastening system
Designing a fastening system that is both easy to adjust, comfortable and yet durable enough to withstand the gnarliest of wipeouts is no easy task. By and large we simply could not find a system on the market that we thought solved the problem well enough, which is why we invented our own.

dewerstone life shorts 2.0 closure system

The fastening system for the life shorts 2.0 is entirely unique and made up of a double velcro enclosure, this system is by far the most secure I have ever used in a board short.

If you look closely you may also spot the signature dewersone dash incorporated into the design. And also, NO LACES!

The waistband
The waist band is anatomically curved, the back is slightly taller than on most boardshorts and is designed to prevent rubbing for people that take part in sports such as kayaking.  It also goes a long way towards fixing the Worlds builders bum problem!

dewerstone life shorts 2.0 waistband
The waistband also has a silicone anti-slip band to help them stay in place when you are out on the water. Between the fastening system and the waistband, my lifelong fear of losing my shorts to a rogue wave or rapid in front of a pretty girl has finally been banished.

The cut
The cut is hugely important on any piece of clothing but especially with a set of boardshorts. No other garment will be put through such a wide breadth of activities as the boardshort. It has to be comfortable whilst we are sitting, running, climbing, swimming, surfing, kayaking, dancing, and napping and most of all it has to be stylish.

dewerstone life shorts 2.0 pink back

I am happy to say that the cut of these boards strikes a great balance between not having excess material and not being too short and not being too long. If you have a pair of the original Life Shorts, you'll find the new ones shorter, but not enough to fear total lifestyle change!

The pockets
By and large I don’t think pockets are cool. However I can’t live my carefree Summer lifestyle as easily if I don’t have a safe place to put my Instagram device (mobile phone), some spare change for the ice cream man and my house key.

The dewerstone design team came up with an awesome solution to my problem and added in two pockets that are so low impact that I didn’t realise they were there for three days. You honestly have to see / feel these pockets to understand how awesome they are. To add to the multitude of reasons why I love them, they also have removable zipper pulls and include an elasticated leash, because losing your keys sucks!

The material
As I said earlier, this is no ordinary board short, it has to cope with a lot of different activities and subsequent environments in an average day. For this reason the material that the shorts are constructed of is both stretchy, quick drying and suitable for any adventure you throw at it. On top of this the material is also made from recycled polyester and plastic bottles.

The life shorts 2.0 all feature a unique geometric pattern and come in four colour ways. Grey and black for the minimalists, pink for the extrovert, light blue for the chiller and the signature blue and orange, dewerstone team colours, that symbolise my two favourite things about Summer, sun and water.

The only question is which colours will you choose?
Dewerstone Life shorts 2.0
Looking forward to an awesome summer, see you on the water, 

bren orton dewerstone life shorts 2.0

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