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dewerstone x Spearhead Records x Mr Penfold tee.

We kick off our collaboration series with Penfold with this dewerstone x Spearhead Records x Mr Penfold tee.

The design merges sound, art and nature. Doing so brings our mission 'To protect the environment our brand was founded upon' to a new audience, extending our reach and ability to make change.

It's only through collaboration and working together that we will make a difference, through crossing industries and sharing our values we will open up conversations that lead to actions.


Mr Penfold is a leading artist residing in Bristol. Penfolds signature designs are striking and instantly recognisable with bold shapes and colours. As we continue into our collaboration series with Penfold, we'll explore our mission statement and what that represents further.

Spearhead Records is a drum & bass record label, releasing music from a host of artists across the genre. If you've been with us for a while you'll know it's not the first time we've teamed up with Spearhead Records. First came the Vinyl Mountain t shirt and then we had label boss  BCEE join us for the Ember session, where we started the night with kayaking films with Bren & Nouria and finished with drum & bass from BCEE.. you had to be there for that one!

Get yours: Pastel Pink // River Blue

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