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Boat Party - Dewerstone on the high seas

Dewerstone parties are those kind of parties that go on all night and simultaneously down in history. Those who have attended these previous happenings continue to recall stories of pool parties, loud music and enough alcohol to sink a ship. And the most recent Dewerparty was no different. Except the sinking ship stayed very much afloat...

The day started with a grand opening of the refurbished Dewerstone HQ. The guys and gals had been busy building a sharp new look for the shop using a delicious concoction of pallet wood and fresh threads, and the results are inspiring to say the least. People were greeted with burgers and coffee, and a chance to try on some of the latest range in the new changing room. The bouldering wall was open to all and a revamped bar served coffee and cakes through till the mid afternoon before setting the stage for the main event.

new shop new look I

Everbody met a short while later down at the picturesque quayside of Plymouth for some food at the Boathouse Cafe before boarding our very own Dewerboat. Equipped with a bar, sundeck and a thumping sound system, it had everything we needed for an epic tour around the breakwater, battlements and the endless maze of rivers that Plymouth nestles between. Mr Danny Millar got things going by blasting his sweet tones out over the harbour while everyone joined the queue to board before setting sail at 1900hrs sharp. 

danny millar boat partysetting sail

And so the party started! As the boat manoeuvred out to sea, bodies began to hit the dance floor and the music got pumping. Dewerstone's new sound system had its first ever sea trial playing everything from drum & bass to heavy dub and everything in between. Guest DJs such as Raggamuffin filled the floor with their special boat party playlists and they rocked the boat all the way round the tour before docking back at the quay several hours later. 

Upon arrival back on dry land, we were lead to a secret location for further dance and drinks. A brisk walk up the hill found us at Two Parts Strong, a small cocktail bar with a function room that was home to the dewerstone sound system for the night. Things quickly got started when the music kicked in and the drinks tokens appeared. The bar tenders had their work cut out keeping up with all the 2-4-1 orders but they somehow kept on top of the situation. Upstairs the drum and bass carried on into the early hours, shaking the building right down to the foundations. I am told the last people to leave the bar witnessed dawn. 

two parts strongmojitooooos

Needless to say, the boat party was a great success and although it was the first of its kind for Dewerstone, here's hoping there's more like it to come. Drink up me hearties yo ho! 













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