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Black Friday.. Mega sale or go hiking? 🥾

Our thoughts on Black Friday are well known, but just to clarify, we think Black Friday is 💩

As with previous years on Black Friday we take a different approach to most and we engage in something much more appealing. We shut our stores, close our offices, and roll down the warehouse shutters. 

Put simply, we'd rather go hiking.

On Black Friday the team went to dewerstone woods, which serves as a real gateway to Dartmoor National Park. It's a stones throw from Plymouth, there's free parking and it's on a bus route.

It's also really close to the garage where it all started back in 2013!

The hike up the dewerstone sure does get the legs burning and the top is a welcome break / photo opportunity!

As we headed across the top, back in the direction of Princetown, we took in the sights, found a jelly bog, laughed a lot, and just generally enjoyed each other's company.

Dartmoor is such a magical place, where animals roam free, the moorland rolls for miles and the weather dictates.

We couldn't think of a better place to call home, or a better place to spend Black Friday.

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