The British Uni Kayak Expedition to Madagascar Ep.1

Some time ago dewerstone put our support behind the British Universities Kayaking Expedition to Madagascar. Going on a kayaking trip with your fellow uni students to explore unknown rivers in a far off land, whilst helping to promote Madagascar as a holiday location, thus supporting the local people who live there, is right up our street. The guys have just started to release their first web episodes of the journey, so if you've got a spare 15 minutes, check out what they've been up to below.

Words and Video: Campbell Simpson

Episode 1: the Mania and how we got there

It was 9 months since we were all selected for the team and lumped together with 6 people we didn't know. 9 months of planning and anticipation, but the time had finally come to jet off to Madagascar in search of new and undocumented whitewater. 
This video shows our travel out to the most amazing island in the world, with a stop over in Johannesburg and some serious logistical challenges. Having to deal with an airport strike, bribing people, acclimatising to a new culture and getting used to the amazing rivers the country has to offer.
The Mania was our first river; a relatively well documented, easy intro into expedition and multi-day kayaking with some really cool rapids and gorgeous scenery. 
Keep checking the dewerstone blog for updates of our adventure, all the cool stuff we got up to out there; all while wearing the most bad-ass lifestyle clothing around. 
Further updates on what the guys are shredding still to come.


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