This is the Incus.

Every now and then something we've been working on for ages comes off, this time it's pretty special.

This time it's the Incus

We wanted to write up a little about why the Incus is special and why we're super stoked on the finished product. 

Making sunglasses from wood throws up a few design challenges, namely that it's very difficult to bend or shape wood. So most our our sunglasses styles tend to be fairly flat, with shape made by layering the wood together and then removing the wood. If you picture it like we're building blocks of Lego and then sanding down the bricks to get a curved and smooth surface you'll have some kind of picture in your head.

It's a process that works great and we love the wooden sunglasses that we have made so far. But, we've always wanted to experiment with a more curved, closer to the face fitting pair of sunglasses. 

Enter the Incus. One of the only wooden sunglasses in the world with a more wrapped feel. 

Whilst we aren't going to give out how we've done it, we can say that we're absolutely in love with how it's came to fruition. The overall feel, shape and fit of the Incus is something we are really proud of. We've capped them off with our high quality, 100% UV protection polarized lenses, offering great vision whether you're in the mountains, by the water or just out enjoying the sunshine. 

Also, all our sunglasses now come with our 2 Year Warrenty and Crash Replacement Policy

Now the tough bit... We've plenty more on route, but right now the Incus is in limited numbers so it's well worth getting in fast if you want a pair before Summer is out!


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