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1000 Tyres Project

We're out on the boat, sunglasses off, scuba gear on, ready to drop down to the sea bed.. it almost sounds idyllic, until you know we're hauling up tyres!

From boat based fly tipping, to failed reef ideas, to ones that were boat fenders. There's literally thousands of car, van & truck tyres laying and buried in the sea bed in Plymouth Sound.

Rory was recently fortunate enough to spend the day out with The Ships Project who are the driving force behind the #1000tyresproject

We spent the day diving for tyres, attaching them to lines and then pulling them up. The tyres will all be stored and then one container at a time sent to be recycled and live a new life, not in the ocean.

There are tyres everywhere. Wether its 15m deep out by the breakwater, 10m deep on the outskirts of Jennycliff, swimming distance from the shore or up in the river mouths. 

Find out more about The Ships Project, the #1000tyresproject and how you can get involved here. Wether your a diver or not, there's ways to get involved.

..and if you are a diver, it's not exactly 'fun' diving, but it's certainly something to smile about. 


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