The Orton Wooden Sunglasses - Carl Zeiss Polarized

Those Summer days are longer, the blue skies are never ending and your smile spans from ear to ear. 
Once you've tried these on you'll never look at the world in the same way again. 

For the Orton we've teamed up with pro kayaker, dewerstone ambassador and all round nice guy, Bren Orton to make our flagship pair of sunglasses.

The frames are made from Walnut and Oak, with a strengthening layer of aluminium running through them. We use ice cool Carl Zeiss Polarized lenses that bring clarity, precision and sublime viewing pleasure. 

Zeiss have been making lenses for over 100 years, they pride themselves on not only protecting your eyes, but improving your vision. 


- Handmade Wood frames that float

- Carl Zeiss Polarized Lenses with 100% UV Protection

- Enjoy life knowing our 2 Year Warranty and Crash Replacement Policy has you covered


Buying for someone else? All our sunglasses are presented in a cleaning bag, inside a bamboo box, they make for a great gift. 

Not sure who Bren Orton is? Check out his 2015 round up. Paddler or not, this is one impressive edit:

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