SEND Logo Sweatshirt - Black

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Sends crew is Bren Orton, Adrian Mattern, Kalob Grady & Dane Jackson and whilst we can't guarantee that by wearing the sweatshirt you'll instantly start paddling like them, you will be instrumental in keeping them doing what they do best, making better films and sending it bigger than ever before.

The SEND Logo Sweatshirt is the second in the line of clothing produced by dewerstone for the crew, keep an eye on their social channels for sneak peaks in to the goodness that's soon to come.

A strong and crisp print on a dewestone fit crewneck sweat shirt. 


- 280gsm

- 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester

- Original dewerstone fit - Longer arms and body.

- Screen printed by hand, by us

Watch SENDs first film as a crew: