Royal Marines and UN logos..

August 18, 2013

So everyone knows that at Dewerstone we print everything ourselves, at our office right on Dartmoor National Park. So not only are we surrounded by amazing scenery and things to do right out of our front door, we're also pretty close to a Royal Marines military barracks.

Legend has it that back in the day the marines used to have to run from the barracks up to the top of the Dewerstone to collect their weekly pay check. How do we know this? Well we can thank our buddy Simon for the information, which he told me right after he saw the new Dewerstone crest that we are printing on the back of all our t-shirts. Simon likened it to the UN logo and then told me all about the marines association with the Dewerstone.

We like that story. However, we've got to point out the crest logo actually has nothing to do with the UN or the Royal Marines. For those who have lazer sharp eyes, you've probably already figured out the 'leaves' encasing the circle are actually Dewerstone logos and the outline in the middle, well of course, that's Dartmoor National Park.

Big up Simon for adding to our story.

New Tees back to back. Loving the mix up though, think we're on to something with the Dartmoor outline changing colour..

Rolling it out on Dartmoor National Park, home of Dewerstone.

This crest print is coming on a womens sweatshirt. Yes it's pink.